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John we miss you!

This was just something i posted in my journal today, thought I would post it here as well.

"Their car pulled up to the Manhattan apartment building where they lived, the Dakota, and Lennon got out. It was a balmy night, for December. He moved to the Dakota's entrance, then he heard a voice call his name.

Nothing made sense that night. John Lennon was murdered, shot five times in the back, in the presence of his wife. It was a murder of madness." - Rolling Stone Lennon Lives Forever

"Through tears, they sang "Give Peace a Chance," again and again. The scene was repeated around the world. "- the plane dealer
Fans Still rememeber a world with John Lennon

"If you're old enough to have once had a favorite Beatle, then you probably know that today - Dec. 8 - is the 25th anniversary of the day John Lennon was murdered. For many people in the 40-and-over age range, that day was the first one in which we experienced a where-were-you-when-you-heard moment. " - Jerusalem Post The soundtrack of our lives

"Imagine that the classic lone gunman could be Mark David Chapman. And if so, you may be as mind-controlled by system hype as he was that Monday night at 10:50 pm, December 8, 1980, just one month after Ronald Reagan was elected president" - Online Journal

Yahoo's article on John Lennon
Yahoo Beatles Slideshow

So this is christmas
Give peace a chance
Mind games
Watching the Wheels
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