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We have 12 members...

I almost forgot about this community, forgive me.

...Anyway, I am aware that the people who joined this comm. were probably expecting something. we are. I plead with you all to talk among each other.

John Lennon was a great man, and still is. The wonderful things he has said have continued to inspire us to this day. We read books, hear his music on the radio, and see movies about him. People who live in New York or visit there can see a play about him called "Lennon". Also in the New York area is a park called "Strawberry Field" with a largs sign that says "Imagine".

Your assignments for your life is this.

To change the world, give the people around you something to remember you by. John gave us music, he gave us his views. Do the same.

That is the true meaning behind this 'cult'. To teach, to learn, and to respect.
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